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I ran a few miles with ipod nano6g and nike + sport kit and when i came home, and, like usual, conected ipod to itunes and synchronized it, it synchronized well with itunes but didnt with nike + web site. I did the same with my iphone, everything is fine.

So, what is the problem?

iPod nano
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    I have this problem too.  Whenever I run with my 6th Generation iPod Nano, NikePlus on the nano records the run, and the run is viewable in iTunes when I plug my watch in.   However, although I can see iTunes SAYING it's sending the run data to NikePlus, it does not ever appear on the NikePlus website (not since September of 2012), and does not error out trying to send the data.   When I don't have a new run to send, iTunes does not try to send anything.  When I do have a new run, iTunes says it's sending the data, but the NikePlus website does not have it recorded.  The URL above was no help.  I contacted Apple, and wasted 2 hours troubleshooting.  Their ultimiate advice was to backup my watch and restore from a backup.   Unfortinately, my backup menu on the nano is greyed out, so I cannot backup my data, and I have 66 runs on my watch that I don't want to lose.  Why is it that Apple insists on having everything to through iTunes?  If I could just download the csv file of my runs from my nano myself and upload them to NikePlus, life would be so much easier.  I'm sure I could do that with an Android device, which is what I intend on purchasing from now on.