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I bought my sprint version of  iPhone 5 (16 Black) in the USA from ebay,  ,it was excepted to be a global phone. But now I come across with some problems in hongkong using local carrier, when i insert the simcard, the machine said that i can not use the local carrier"sim card to activate the iphone5,what should i do !!!

please help me !! Thank you geys!!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    Return it for a refund, because you need to first activate it on Sprint's network in the US, the request Sprint unlock the sim slot. You purchased the wrong phone.

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    The seller give me the phone with the original simcard in the machine, and i can activate my iphone with it but when i swich to my hongkong local simcard,i can not activate it. So can I send email to sprint service and  ask them to unlock it?

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    No. As provided in my initial post, you must be a Sprint customer before they will unlock the sim slot. You're not. Return it for a refund or use it as an iPod touch. Again, you purchased the wrong phone. Apple can't/won't help you & no one here can help you.