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1. How can I master where to save my logic project files including audio?


2. I want to save a project as a template WITHOUT the recorded track files. When I open the new template I dont want to have all old audio in my "media"browser inside Logic! How?


3. I have one old project with a lot of audio of which only a few are used, yet when I try the cleanup function only a few are erased. Why?


4. How to save a project so that ALL the files used are saved inside that project folder. In Protools and Cubase you can erase all material you  dont use.


5. I want to have all my audio saved in ONE project folder but they end up scattered somewhere else, what to do?


I can never get used to the apple/logic sense of file structure. Crazy! Where is the logic of Logic?  /Helpless to the logic of Logic 8

imac 2,2, Mac OS X (10.5)