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I pruchased a Thunderbolt Monitor back in 2011, ordered a 2nd last week one so I could use it with my new Mac Pro Retina.  When side by side they are both crooked, the left side is lower than the right side which makes a small step inbetween the monitors when placed together.  I assume this is a design flaw since they both have the issue, but would anyone measure their monitors to see?


Additionally the monitors are slightly different; the backlight looks different which affects the colors on the monitor and the bezel width appers to be slightly different.  I called apple support and had a pretty horrible experience, i'm not sure the person on the other end could effectively communicate how to sharpen a pencil.  Needless to say they were no help.  I have to say this is the first time I have been dissapointed in the product and support of Apple.  Does anyone else have the same problems with dual monitors?

Thunderbolt Display (27-inch), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)