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I have an issue with my podcast names in the podcast show incorrectly but only after subscribing.


Here is what i mean - If i search for my podcast 'tpsuk' in the app i get the following




If i click on my podcast i can see all the episodes with the correct episode titles


IMG_0646[1].png IMG_0647[1].png


But when i click Subscribe it takes you back to the library, if i then click on my podcast again, it loads the list of episodes but the name of all the episode are now 'tpsuk'


IMG_0648[1].png IMG_0649[1].png


If search for and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes on a PC all episodes are shown correctly.

If i use Podcaster App or Stitch Radio all episodes are shown correctly


Could someone look into why this is happening in offical podcast app, is it a bug?


If required the podcast feed is coming from the following


Blog Feed: http://tpsuk.wordpress.com/category/podcast/feed/

Feedburner: feeds.feedburner.com/tpsuk


Many Thanks