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I have Netflix and it streams great on my iPad except they don't have a full collection of top end flix even very old popular movies aren't in their streaming inventory. just their DVD mailed inventory. Ugh.


On my AppleTV I have several other services to stream from for more popular movies that Netflix doesn't have. But I can't seem to get services like:







To stream on to my iPad.


Am I doing something wrong?


Or is there a better service to use in this case on iPad


I have a first gen iPad which only goes up to iOS 5. Could that be the problem?




iPad 3G, iOS 5.1.1
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    Itunes should work as long as your connection is good enough. The Movie can be watched while its downloading, so its almost like streaming, except if you buy it you can keep it in your iPad and if you rent it, you'll have 24 horus to finish watching it after you start.


    The question would be what happens when you try to start watching it while it downloads?


    Obvisouly there should be enough movie downloaded to start watching it, and the connection should be good enough so you don't get studder because it hasn't downloaded enough yet.

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    Hi Phil0124,


    I rented "Lost in America" Albert Brooks from iTunes. It's 1GB and was downloading but all I see is the DVD cover art and a progress bar showing me how much has been downloaded.


    I don't see any usual Play button. Clicking the DVD cover doesn't start the movie playing either.


    I've been charged for the rental by iTunes and already have their invoice but haven't been able to watch the movie. I'm trying to download it again right now and iTunes shows I've downloaded 368MB of 1GB with 29 minutes remaining. The overall dnld time from the start was around an hour.


    I don't see any evidence of being able to stream. It seems instead I have to download the whole movie first before being able to play it.


    There must be a way I can stream front line videos on the iPad right? Having to wait an hour+ doesn't seem right.


    Am I doing something wrong or does iTunes not allow streaming?


    Are there any other services that allow frontline movie streaming that Netflix only offers by DVD in the mail?




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    More... The movie finally downloaded and then I found it and have 24 hrs to watch. But I sure wish I could stream movies like this. Anyone?

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    Once the movie has started to download, you can go into the Videos App, and find the movie under the rentals tab, and tap it to bring up he detail page, then just tap the play button to start playing the movie.


    There's nothing more to it. As I said you can start playing it while its downloading from the Videos App.