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I was given a refurbished ipod mini but I can't get it to sync to my computer. I've downloaded itunes and I've done everything that I was told to and that I've done in the past with my other ipod but it just will not sync. Can someone please tell me what to do?? I would like to take some of the music off of it as well but not all of the music. I even read the little instruction booklet but what it said didnt match the options acutally provided by itunes. If someone could just give me step by step instructions I would be soooo happy! Thanks!!

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    What happens when you connect the iPod Mini to your PC?  Does it charge? Does it show up in iTunes? If so, any error messages when you try to sync?  If so, what is the exact wording of the error messages?


    The information you can provide, the better.