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Hi and Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Both my daughter and I have IMacs circa 2007.   I can handle mine which  (I think) runs the same OS.   10.4 I believe.

Snow Leopard (not Lion)


On power up after SNC reset and PRAM reset with install disc etc and holding dowb C for long time (as well as other keys (option) the machine is still looking dead.  Grey blue screen and usually spits out install DVD.


Can anyone help?  I have erased the hard drive since the flashing folder icon, and repartitioned it.  I cannot get it to da more than start and stay on and  that's it;. 


Please advise!  I know Mel has lost all her data and I have to do a clean install but NOTHING seems to work!


Mel did not back anythihng up for years.  She has no backup which shows I am a lousy mom.




Sandy and Melissa

MacBook Pro, iOS 5.0.1