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I'd like to submit movies to international festivals. Some specify DVDs (NTSC or PAL) applicable to specific "regions". Can I create DVDs "Region" specific in iDVD?



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    NO - iDVD set's Region to Zero - open to all nations



    PAL and NTSC - Has nothing to do with Region coding - They are TV-Standards

    • PAL = 25 frames per second (most common system in EU)

    • NTSC = 29.97 frames per second (standard in USA etc)


    Most PAL DVD-Players can playback both PAL and NTSC (on old TV NTSC in Black/White)

    Few NTSC DVD-Players can playback PAL


    One can create a Project in one standard in iMovie and set iDVD to the other one.

    • CONVERSION is made BADLY - the DVD is barely worth to be viewed !


    I do (when sending DVDs to US)

    • Export out my PAL movie as full quality QuickTime .mov

    • Convert it to NTSC via JES_Deinterlacer (free from Internet)

    • Set up a new iDVD Project and this to NTSC standard


    This way gives very good result (I'm told) and alternative professional frame converting tools - Has astronomical costs - and resulting quality barely noticeable


    BUT - If DVD is played on a Mac - then PAL or NTSC - DOES NO MATTER AT ALL !


    Yours Bengt W

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    Thank you, Bengt. Much appreciated.