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  • theAchilliesHIV Level 1 Level 1

    First, connect your iDevice (for you it is your iPod) to your computer. If it doesn't open iTunes automatically or your iDevice is not charging off your computer as a source of power, you might have a problem with the USB cable that provides the connection between your iDevice and computer.


    If it receives power and does not open iTunes, it should be okay to open iTunes manually and continue.


    Once iTunes is open, click the < Help>  tab at the top, go to the second option < iTunes Tutorials >, this will open a tutorial guide on how to use the latest version of iTunes you have on your computer. There is a tutorial there instructing you on how to do the Sync process.


    Note that there is also an option with your iDevice for you to sync manually with the computer or using iCloud over wifi.


    If you prefer to actually connect your iDevice to your computer, I suggest using the option of connecting manually to Sync and select what songs/videos/apps etc. you want to Sync with your device. Again these options should be covered in the iTunes Tutorials. If you need more advanced help, click < Help > again, this time click the first option < iTunes Help > and go to the Sync option, which continues with more dropdown tabs to help you with the specific problem or desire you are trying to achieve.


    Hope that helps you david.

  • Rach-1993 Level 1 Level 1

    No matter how many times i try to install iTunes 11 for Windows 8, IT WILL NOT WORK!! This is driving me mad!! It keeps saying that the application isn't supported by my system, but it is because 11 should be compatible for my laptop!

  • dkaygee Level 1 Level 1

    I installed iTunes fine on Windows 8 but now the new version will not install, the old one will not uninstall....!! How the heck do I get all this apple crap off my machine if it doesn't work and can't be uninstalled? I tried deleting and re-installing. No luck. Apple has snubbed us Windows 8 users.

  • diesel vdub Level 7 Level 7

    dkaygee wrote:


    I installed iTunes fine on Windows 8 but now the new version will not install,

    Why not?


    dkaygee wrote:


    the old one will not uninstall....!!

    Why Not?


    dkaygee wrote:


    I tried deleting and re-installing.

    Maybe that's the problem... programs do not get deleted, they get uninstalled.


    Seriously, no one can help you without specifics of what is occurring.

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    Grrr... So, iTunes was running fine on my Windows8 Pro machine.

    Fired up iTunes, clicked Help, then Check for Updates, and started the process to install iTunes 11.

    Rebooted as asked.

    Clicked on the iTunes icon, got a new EULA, clicked Accept.

    Nothing else happened.

    Brought up the Task Manager, and it noted iTunes 32bit was running in the background. Unfortunately, I have a 64bit machine.

    Downloaded the iTunes11 64 installer.

    Clicked on it. Got a quick 'preparing to install' window, then nothing.


    Now what?

  • dkaygee Level 1 Level 1

    It seemed to be a permissions issue. My itunes Library is directed at an external drive and this one bit of information seemed to crash the install and the uninstall. I updated permissions on the share and itunes finally installed, albeit with a couple errors such as "cannot access iTunes folder". Ignoring those warnings and lauching as an Administrator seemed to be the only way to get the new version in. Perhaps if I would have disconnected my shared archive before I attempted an install, there never would have been any messages or errors related to a "Locked Disc". Anyway, working now.... the new interface is insterestingly minimalistic but works very nicely.

  • midnirdr Level 1 Level 1

    Has not solved mine.  In fact, I can download the setup file and nothing happens.  Tried four different times!

  • DHGonzalez Level 1 Level 1



    Thank you.

  • fthwaite Level 1 Level 1

    I had no problems installing iTunes 11.0.1 on Windows 8.  Slightly off topic, but just to let you know I found an app in the Windows Store called rtRemote which allows you to control iTunes from within the Windows 8 tiles interface - very similar to the Apple Remote app for iPad.  So far very promising...!

  • miAppleMe Level 1 Level 1

    Do you already have installed Windows 8 Media Center? The Media Center contains missing features which are needed by iTunes 11. Details could be found on my blog.

  • thespiritedguy Level 1 Level 1

    Might I ask whether you are aware if iTunes will be compatible on the new Dell XPS One 27 touchscreen desktop pc with Windows 8? (I plan on buying this machine in February). I originally intended to purchase an iMac but due to the amount of problems a family member had with theirs and the new iMac not being overly impressive, I've now decided on sticking with a Windows-based desktop, and Dell's new all-in-one (which matches the iMac with resolution) seems to be a good contender (the built-in blu-ray drive and touch screen won me over lol).


    Many thanks for any info on this. Cheers.


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  • rickr78 Level 1 Level 1

    It is quite simple, run in administrator mode, if not run in compatibility mode...

  • Henshin_King Level 1 Level 1

    Itunes Issue.png Hello this is the issue i am having, i am running Windows 8 Pro 32 bit, and it gets to the long bar of the "Copying new files" portion of installation and then when it gets to the very end, it starts "rolling back" and then i get the error what is it that i am doing wrong

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    After spending hours trying to get iTunes to download to my windows 8 i got it solved!

    When you click download itunes on apple website select SAVE not RUN! After it finishes download then double click on iTunes in your downloads folder and that instantly worked for me :) good luck

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