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I have a 2010 imac with an intel quad core i7 and had the hard drive replaced a couple of weeks ago.  I it seems that the machine won't go to sleep from the energy saver settings that I set -- the screen will dim, and then go dark, but I don't hear it going to sleep like I do when I put to sleep manually.  I just tested it now with i min settings so I could observe it, and I don't think it did.  When I manually put it to sleep and then press a button on my keyboard, I can hear it power back up before the display comes back on.  This seems to have started after I had the HD replaced.  Anyone out here with the some problem?  I'm on Snow Leopard 10.6.8.  Also, when I saved got the machine back, I used migration assistant, but I think I have have used the same account on my mac book pro -- I didn't intend to do it.  I wanted to transfer the old mack hard drive with the home folder name ad everything onto the new HD.  I thoughtI was doing it right, but I'm not so sure now.  So I have to different machines with the same home folder name and the same password.  Could that perhaps have something to do with it?  just thought I'd ask.