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hi folks,


I have an older version of FCP (5.1.4) and the current version of FCE, neither of which

seems to support Apple ProRes 422.


My workflow these days requires use of PR422 as final output for edited video.


I'm not interested in FCP X, I can't afford the re-born FCP 7 at this stage, so I'm looking for possible work-arounds or 'loopholes' - as it were - in the codec labyrinth. Please forgive the missing pieces in my knowledge about the process.


Question is this: would there be any use purchasing Compressor 4 and downloading the Quicktime Codec package that includes PR422, in terms of having an app that can "transcode" my output from Apple AIC to Prores 422?  Since neither of my apps can (apparently) work with PR422, I would need some sort of intermediate step to render my output in that format.


THANKS for any input on this rather convoluted issue.

Final Cut Express HD, Mac OS X (10.0.x)