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When sending emails from Mac to PC my Company Logo appears correctly in the signature. However when sending .pdf and .doc as attachments, the company logo doesn't appear in the signature but rather as an attachment, when received on PC.


The company logo had been in the signature as .pdf. This caused every email sent to PC to remove the .pdf logo from the signature and show it only as an attachment. I have since removed the .pdf and replaced as a .jpg. This fixed the problem of all emails and now only emails with .pdf and .doc attachments are affected.


I think the issue has something to do with the .jpg in the signature being recognised as an attachment when sending .pdf and .doc attachments. If I send any .jpg file, I do not have this problem.


Any ideas on how to reslove this issue?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    The logo is an attachment. Anything in an email message that is not text must be sent as an attachment in order to be compliant with email protocols. But many modern email programs will automatically display the contents of some attachments. Apple Mail will display JPEGs and single-page PDFs. Presumably your correspondents are using an application that displays JPEGs but not PDFs.


    Some email programs expect attachments to come at the end of the message, not intermixed with the other contents of the message. Such an app may treat everything after the first attachment as attachments. That might cause the different behavior when additional attachments are included before the attachment in your signature.