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Can you please tell me, does the current version of Airport Extreme router and the current version of Airport Utility support  Dynamic DNS  (DDNS)? 


The current version (2012) of Airport Extreme router:  A1408  and MD031LL/A.

The current firmware version of the Airport Extremes=: 7.6.1


The current version of Airport Utilty: 6.1



I seemed to have read at

"Dyn is experimenting with Zero Configuration Networking capabilities, including support for dynamic DNS updates from Apple networking devices.

Note: as of version 6.1 of the Airport Utility and 7.6.1 router firmware, the Apple Airport Extreme and Time Capsule routers no longer offer the ability to configure wide-area bonjour. This has effectively caused these Apple routers to no longer support sending updates to Dyn Standard DNS."




  • infinite vortex Level 7 (21,405 points)

    It depends on what you're asking and trying to do.


    If you're simply trying to find a method to update your DDNS account with your current IP address then this has never been done via Airport basestations. Do this via your modem is it has DynDNS support else a DynDNS update client for OS X or Windows. I use the OS X client from my server as it's always on.


    If on the other hand you are trying to offer wide-area bonjour services thats another matter completely.

  • PJ'sPal Level 1 (55 points)

    Hello Infinite Vortex:


    I am only trying to get the Airport Extreme to update DynDNS with the current IP address. I have an older wired Dlink router that supports this.    I did not know the cable modems would support this unless they had an integrated router.  I prefer the router to be separate as they seem to last longer that way with less heat being generated.  I just purchased a Motorola Docis 3 SB6180 cable modem.  If it supports DynDNS than I am in luck.  I will read the manual.  In the past, cable modems were not configurable like a router.


    I have my server on most of the time, so a software solution would work most of the time but I prefer to have the router perform this function in case I do have to sleep or shutoff the server.


    Thank you for your comments.

  • PJ'sPal Level 1 (55 points)

    I reviewed an install manual for Motorola's SB6180.  It does not seem to have any configuration page to setup such as found in a router.   The firmware as I understand it is setup/updated by the ISP provider to which the cable modem communicates.   Thus, I would think the router behind the modem would be the first hardware that I could program to support DDNS.  Thus, I was looking at an Airport Extreme wireless router (2012 version A1408)  for this support.  The Airport Extreme I have is set up in a bridge mode from my old wired Dlink router.   I was looking at adding another Airport Extreme to replace my old wired Dlink router so I could add wireless guest services and support DDNS at the same time.  Without DDNS, it makes me look to Dlink again. However, user reviews/comments of Dlink's more recent routers is mediocre at best.   

  • infinite vortex Level 7 (21,405 points)

    Even if your server is "most of the time" I would probably think that's sufficient. If DDNS and NAT doesn't have a target to send traffic to then what does it really matter where your DDNS address is pointing to? In any case I find the update client running from a Mac or Windows computer to be the most reliable of the lot. While a modem client will be the most immediate I've never found them to be that reliable as they'll sometime not connect when you get a new IP address. That's fine but they don't retry so you never get updated if that initial attempt fails. Update clients run on a computer will operate periodically.

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    An update on my last findings ...


    Lastest versions of Airport utility supports "back to my mac" which will enable the possibility to remotelly acess you TC. That said, you can check which ip address you have on the basestation of you TC. IF DDNS is not working for some reason, probably it's because you basestation ip address changed. Just go to you ddns provider and manually change it .

  • PJ'sPal Level 1 (55 points)

    Thank you for your comments.  I see that back to my mac does work with the present base station.

    Unfortunately, I am running some billing server software and want to be able to access it remotely using an app provided on the iphone/ipad.  The iphone/ipad app needs to see the IP address of the router to know where to go. 


    There are a number of routers that have DDNS clients that read the IP address and update a service provider with the new IP address if it changes.   The idea is to try and avoid the manual updates and instead use a  URL that does not change but the IP address can. 


    I am still a newbie with all this, and I hear what infinite vortex is saying about using a software client instead.

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    Mr. Infinite Vortex:


    If I may, can you please tell me the software client you are using that you have found to be reliable?

    What Mac OSX are you running?


    The client on Dyn DNS does not seem to have been updated recently.   I am running Mountain Lion.  If my memory is correct, it seemed like it was released for Snow Leapard.




    Thanks in advance.

  • PJ'sPal Level 1 (55 points)

    I found another recent discussion in these forums that suggested one only need use an older version of Airport Utility (v 5.6) with the present firmware  (7.6.1) with some changes from the Dyn DNS setup. 


    See guptasha's comments in

    How can I configure a dynamic dns at an airport extreme (7.6.1)?



    I don't know why Apple keeps removing useful features from its routers with its software setup. 

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    I use DynDNS' update client which can be downloaded from their site. I have to say that I originally thought it wasn't working reiably as well although after giving it a chance to do the right thing I found out that it was. I use it very well with Lion servers. With regards to Mt Lion, while it looks like it works I can't give any real information as all my clients using Mt Lion Servers also have static IP addresses so it's not been needed as yet.


    And yes, the DynDNS updater client looks like it was written in the dark ages!


    The reason why this has been removed, and I speak only to the DDNS features, is that Apple needs to keep up with the protocols for DDNS services and while these don't change often they do change. Having more than one service out these who do they then support as they would be contantly lobbied by those left off the list. Additionally, if Apple were to provide DDNS services they also need to offer support for that, which is supporting something that may not be their fault. So while I don't like these removal like yourself, I do get them at times. At other times I wonder where their head is it.

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    The 2012 Airport Extreme does indeed support DynDNS, Apple has just removed the options to set it up from the latest AirPort Utility.  Download the previous version (AirPort Utility 5.6) from here (


    Extract the AirPort Utility, and move it to Applications/Utilities.


    Open AirPort Utility 5.6


    Select your AirPort Extreme


    Click Manual Setup in the lower left hand corner of the Utility


    Click the Base Station tab at the top


    Click the Edit... button underneath the AirPort Extreme Name field


    Fill in the information for your DynDNS account.



  • random4t4x14 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was inititally incorrect in my instructions, follow these for the right setup -

  • Lightning Jeff Level 1 (0 points)

    That's the same link as the OP posted at the very start of the thread - the same one with the statement that Apple has removed this functionality in 7.6.1.

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    Why not just plug a LAN port from the dlink, to a LAN port on the airport, turn off DHCP on the dlink, and configure the dynds on the dlink? That's how I do it.

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    random4t4x14 said:

    The 2012 Airport Extreme does indeed support DynDNS, Apple has just removed the options to set it up from the latest AirPort Utility.  Download the previous version (AirPort Utility 5.6) from here (


    Thank you! I hate Apple's current Airport utility more than I can possibly say. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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