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Hi, all.  I had a "bad server certificate" problem that seemed to be solved, but

now the "fix" only lasts as long as my computer is on.  As soon as I shut down

for the night, then start all over again the next morning, I have the same problem

all over again.


This is with Hotmail.  The servers in questions begin with






My "fix" (suggested by another member) was to choose the Activity window,

select each "bad" server, click on them (one by one), then choose "Always Allow"

[which shows that the server will be "trusted" until Nov. 8, 2014], and then relaod

the page.


Again, this "fix" works -- unless I turn off my computer.  Then it happens all over

again the next day.  How can I get the "Always Allow" to *really* mean it?



iMac Leopard, Mac OS X (10.5.5), AirPort Extreme