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Help! I've waited too long to upgrade. I'm running Office 2000 on a G4 933. I bought a Mac mini but reading here, I find that Mountain Lion doesn't support office 2004! How do I keep my even-older files?

Mac mini (Late 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)
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    Office 2011 should open the files with no problem.



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    It's not your documents that is the problem, it's the Office applications:


    Office 2004 Applications Won't Work in Lion/Mountain Lion


    You need to upgrade to Office 2011 - Mactopia - or you can try the freeware suite, Libre Office, that is functionally similar to Office 2007 for Windows except it works on Lion or Mountain Lion.


    You may want to consider as well:


    These two suites are similar to Libre Office but not as current or as well-supported:



    Open Office


    And, then there is Apple's iWork suite:


    Pages - word processing and layout

    Keynote - presentation

    Numbers - spreadsheet


    Each can open and save Office compatible files. They may be purchased separately via the Mac App Store for $19.99 each.


    (Access to the Mac App Store requires Snow Leopard 10.6.6 or higher and an Apple ID.)

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    You can keep the old MS Office files - no harm in keeping them.

    If you want to use those files (open them) you need to purchase MS Office 2011 which is compatible with Mountain Lion.

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    Thanks to everybody for the fast response. I purchased Office 2011 with the mini, so once it's up and running I'll have access to the files, right? But I shouldn't bother trying to open them until I've upgraded the Office suite.


    Here are a couple of more wrinkles: One of the virtues of Office 2000 is it opened Classic docs. Should I make sure everything is opened and saved as Office 2000 before migrating?


    Also, The best upsupported mail client ever made is Eudora. problems migrating from Eudora 6 to Apple Mail are apparently famous, the worst one being losing date stamps on every piece of sent mail. Any guidance?