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I would just like my stack of 200 mp3's to display from the top down that are sitting on my dock and Not from the bottom up when I open them.


They displayed correctly when I ran Snow Leopard but I'm thinking some genious wrote a bottom anchor into the operating system for Mountain Lion.


Would you like it if a news article open at the bottom instead of the top?

Mac mini (Late 2009), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • BDAqua Level 10 (122,266 points)

    Is it an actual Stack? Does choosing Sort type affect playing?




    Does changing it to a Folder>List help?

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    The answer to both of your questions is No.


    What I have is a stacked list and apparently this issue will never be resolved.

    I even had a supervisor said he would ask that we be given an option to display the list contents the way we wanted, but that was over a year ago and nothing was ever done.

    Which tells me either Apple script writers don't have the knowledge to reverse the list order or they don't care.


    As I've already mentioned, the list displayed alphabetically from top to bottom when I was running Snow Leopard!

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    If I may ask, why not just Import them into iTunes and play or manage them from there instead of from a stack..?