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Sometimes the menu is visible - sometimes not.  I have never dropped it, the glass is intact.  Just by clicking buttons I can play some music - just don't know what is going to play.  I have had it for many years, and though I have an iPhone and iPad - I still love my iPod for walking, etc.  Any suggestions that might help? (besides a new one).  Can the inner screen be replaced?  I have just reset & restored it to see if that might help - through iTunes. 

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    You can work through the remaining five 5 R's of troubleshooting.



    It might also be a good idea to let the iPod's battery fully drain. Then charge it back up and restore it once more in iTunes.


    Otherwise, it's likely a hardware issue with the iPod's LCD display, meaning you'll need to take or send your iPod in for service either via Apple or a third party repair service. Here is Apple's repair pricing.



    Note that they don't actually repair the device, but exchange it for one of the same generation, model, and capacity.  A third party service will actually replace the damaged/faulty part for a little less.  Google "iPod screen repair" and you should get a number of results to work with.


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    I have done all the above, in fact it had no power, then I recharged it. Still a problem.  So, I purchased a "new" LCD screen, and am taking to a repair service locally.  Going to cost me less to do it this way, 15 for the screen and 30 for the repair.  I think I might want to invest in an iPod Touch - the iPhone & iPad are spoiling me. 

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    Thanks the update.