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2012 MacBook Air, Mac OS 10.8.2, Aperture 3.4.3. Everything is up to date and, as usual, has been working just fine since the last update a few weeks ago. Full screen view never caused any issues... until today.


I tried quitting and restarting Aperture. Using another Aperture library. Quitting everything and restarting my MBA... same behavior.


I went into the full screen view, edited a photo and got out of the full screen view to export it.


All of the sudden, only one line of thumbnails was showing up in my Broswer view (out of 380 pictures in that project). Looking closely at it, it seems like the Aperture now thinks that the desktop area it has to work with (the dark gray area where the thumbnails are) is larger than the aperture window because a part of photo is showing up cut off at the right edge and no slider at the bottom:

only one row.jpg

(note: at the bottom it says 380 items displayed)


Going back to full screen view, everything looks and works as nothing has happened:

full screen - ok.jpg

In Broswer view, if I scroll down such that the first row is out of the view, the second row of thumbnails shows up:

second row shows up.jpg

Now, if I scroll back up, two rows of thumbnails are shown in the viewer:

two rows showing.jpg

To get the third row to show up, I need to scroll down to get the top two rows out of the way and so on.


At some point I saw this weirdo but have not been able to replicate it:

another weirdo.jpg


Split View also has its issues - the photo itself is no longer centered and the slider at the bottom gets out of the way past the right edge of the Aperture window before reaching the end of the row of thumbnails:

split view.jpg

Finally, when double clicking the photo in the Split View to view it by itself, once again it is not centered and cut off on the right side but there is no slider...

viewer window.jpg


Any ideas? I tried looking through the Viewer-related threads on here and did not see anything close to this. Is there a way to contact Apple support? I found some form somewhere on the website, but it had a dropdown for operating system and nothing past 10.7.2 so I am guessing it is not being maintained...


edit: added the note under the first image

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
Solved by léonie on Nov 23, 2012 11:21 AM Solved

When the graphical user interface is misbehaving, it frequently helps to remove the Aperture preferences apple.com.Aperture.plist from your user library, see the Aperture 3: Troubleshooting Basics on how to do this.