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I have an iMac and an iPhone both running the most current operating systems for the respective device. Somehow, today my Mac "forgot" that my phone number was associated with my account. Eventually it remembered after signing in and out multiple times on both of my devices. However, all of my conversations on my iMac have turned into 'Bonjour" conversations. I can't use any of them. I have never used Bonjour at all. iMessage is working, and one person messaged me and that conversation is working. However, all of my other conversations are set as "Bonjour" and I cannot use them. What can I do?


Note: iMessage is working perfectly on my iPhone.


Thanks for the help!


Edit: I've been able to go through and change the chats with ONE person back to iMessage. However, I am unable to do so with group chats.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 27", 8 GM Memory
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    I would go to the Messages Menu > Preferences and Enable the Bonjour Account and then turn it Off again.


    If that does not cure the issue  have the Finder as the Front app and use th Go Menu > Go to Folder and type in ~/Library/Preferences in to the dialogue box.


    In the Preferences find com.apple.ichat.Subnet.plist and Drag it to the Trash

    Restart Messages.


    IF that does not work delete the com.apple.ichat.AIM (or Jabber).plist depending on which service your Group chats are with.

    Again restart Messages (this recreates the .plist from defaults in the app)




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    Thanks this worked great for me, I had a similar problem in that Bonjour all of a sudden showed up on my computer as well but I couldn't run Messages at all.