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Hi folks, first time questioner here.


I've just upgraded to Windows 8, and for some reason, my first generation iPod Shuffle doesn't appear to charge any more. ITunes still recognises the device, and I can still put songs onto it, but you know how usually when you leave it plugged in, the LED goes unblinking orange, until it's fully juiced and then goes green? Well now it doesn't do that -- the LED blinks orange as the songs are transferring, and then just goes off completely.


I know it's a Windows 8 issue because I can charge it on my Win7 PC at work no problem.


Cheers in advance guys x x

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    Apple has not updated its iTunes to add support for Windows 8 just yet, but it should be available soon. Until then, certain functionality may be a hit or miss.



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    Cool, that's good to know. Any idea when they're gonna be rolling it out?

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    No for sure date. Only Apple knows that.  Sorry.


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    I'm in the same position but worked out a fix.


    Go into the Shuffle settings on iTunes and untick, 'start iTunes when this iPod is plugged in' but also tick, 'enable for disk use'


    Eject the Shuffle, close down iTunes.


    Now, when you plug in the Shuffle, it'll appear under Computer on the desktop as a removable drive and from there, you can right-click it and eject - bingo, LED stays on unblinking.


    You may get a message from Windows, 'error on this drive, it needs scanning' or similar, but I ignore this now as when I scanned it, it seemed to mess up the Shuffle in iTunes.

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    Nah, I tried that as well, but once everything has been ejected and dismounted, the wee light goes off again D:


    I have however just installed iTunes 11... I wonder if they're aware of the problem and are on the case?

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    2nd gen Shuffle - same position, same solution.

    When I plug it, 3 or 4 orange blink, and nothing.


    'enable for dis use', and continous blinking orange led... the Shuffle charge, the life is beautiful.

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    I forgot I'd made this thread! Well, something seems to have been done, because now the Shuffle charges nicely now. It's still a little bit odd, as the light just keeps on blinking orange until you eject it, even after you've finished importing music. The only way to know if it's charged or not is to eject it; I've noticed that when you do this, it will display an unblinking light for about a second, and then go off completely -- if it's fully charged it'll glow green, if not, it'll go orange. Hope this is the same for everyone else!

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    This seems to be working for me, too. I just "upgraded" to Windows 8 and to iTunes 11 simultaneously, and my shuffle, which has been a workhorse for years, would blink yellow a few times and then stop. When I unplugged it, no green light. So I used the above settings, quit iTunes, and plugged it back in - now it seems to be charging away. My fingers are crossed.

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    I got Windows 8 way back in January and I've been struggling to get my 2nd Gen shuffle to charge, even after updating iTunes.


    This simple little trick now means my shuffle is charging! For the first time in months... Thank you SO much.