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  • Stijnley Level 1 Level 1

    Now i'm not at home and my phone failed to locate the wifi hete. After 10 min he found the spots, but it still keeps dropping.


    I don't think we have an exchange procedure here, i can't find it on the belgian apple site.

  • Stijnley Level 1 Level 1

    Ok I tried the freezer method...and it works for 95% now. Wifi connects and is stable, but still needs some  seconds to connect to my wifi spot. But wifi didn't drop for 20 hours now and it keeps finding my wifi spot... Still it's not 100% solved because he's still slower in connecting.


    I guess this means my problem is hardware related? It should come back when my iPhone is heated again (gaming + charging maybe?) I hope it comes back within my last month of warranty, because I can't go to Apple now without showing them the problem!

  • Arthur695 Level 1 Level 1

    Today I finally resolved my iPhone 4s and MacBook pro wifi issues.  Here is what happen, like all of you I upgraded to 6.0 which didn't work then installed 6.0.1 with the same results wifi connects then drops off. I followed all suggestions online from reset network settings, messing around with wifi proxy setting, resetting my home router and last but not least clean restore of 6.0.1. I also upgraded the firmware on my router but still no results. I finally called apple support, and tech finally gave in and pass me to his supervisor, because according to him should be working since. I've done what he would've recommended. Per the supervisor only thing he could suggest try another router, so I asked the magic question which routers are working flawlessly with ios 6.0.1. He recommended net gear and Belmont routers. So I hung up and was about to go to best buy and buy one, when I remembered I have an old router sitting in a box. (EHOME EH100), $11 to $20 bucks on eBay, I recently checked. Why do I tell u this, because I disconnected the DLINK ROUTER i have which is a router they seem to have many problems with according to the support supervisor and reset and connected this simple ehome router and WALA both me and my wife IPhone work on wifi with no issues or disconnects, and her MacBook pro which has similar wifi problems after upgrading to osx 10.8.2 is now working with no wifi problems.  All I did was simply reset the ehome router setup my admin password and setup my ssid on WPA2 and Checked the hide my network box. Immediately months of problems fixed.   I hope this is of some use to those of you still having wii issues.

  • pintoguille Level 1 Level 1

    I am truly impressed as I was reading this post it seemed as if I had written it! Because this is EXACTLY what has been happening with my Iphone. I had tried evrything in the book, all advices to NO avail. I had read before about the bizarre cure of putting the Iphone in the Freezer but it seemed SOOOO ilogical that I never tried it. BUT, as my story is EXACTLY what Stijnley was describing and it worked for him, I tried too and guess what?? My wifi is up and running again! Unbelivable but true.


    I guess the update 6.0.1 makes our wifi work extra than it should and overheats it or something like that, I cant imagine any other reason. This is why I will turn off the wifi when I am not within a wifi network, to prevent it from overheating again.


    I bought my Iphone 4S in the US but I am currently in Southamerica and will not be back until February so I have no chance to take the Iphone to an Apple store. When I am in the States I will try to get it replaced just in case.


    Thank you for making my day. I was so frustrated and now I am up and running again!!! Cheers!!

  • DavidDavid Level 1 Level 1

    Still happening even after 6.0.2

    Inadvertently incurring wireless data charges.

  • stevenbhn Level 1 Level 1

    This is happening to me.

    Just got a brand new Virgin Wifi Hub fitted and got my macbook air connected straight away. I later tried to connect my Iphone 4s and my Ipad mini but none of the two devices would connect to the network. They would find the network quickly but after putting in the password they wouldn't connect.

    I had been connected to my BT hub for several months but can no longer access any wifi.


    Iphone has 6.0.1

    Ipad mini has 6.0.2



  • bobluce41 Level 1 Level 1

    I have a similar problem with different variables. I have an iphone 4s and ipad2, both work fine on Wi Fi at home. My husband bought a new iphone 4s a few months ago and his phone keeps dropping the Wi Fi at home and in hot spots away from home. If I'm good with the router, it has to be his phone, right? I haven't tried the reset yet.

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