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I would very much like to do this but I cannot figure out how.  If I use PhotoStream then the photos will also show up on my iOS devices which I do not want.

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  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,722 points)

    There is no built in way to share images between iPhoto and Aperture over a network.


    If you describe in more detail what your are looking to do ( just view images on the other computer or actually be able to edit images) some solutions may be suggested.



  • WilliamL Level 3 (590 points)

    I normally take family pictures with my camera and load them into Aperture on my computer.  My wife, who's computer is downstairs, complains that I never show her the pictures.  So I am looking for a way to "automatically" get these family pictures onto her computer, which only has iPhoto.

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    How about having your wife sit next to you at your computer?


    Seriously while what you are asking for is common and should be easy to do in this day and age unfortunately the apps are really not set up for it,


    Is there a networked drive in the picture that both computers can access?  Something could be setup through that. Otherwise you're looking at basically copying the images from your computer to your wife's. Using Automator and/or Applescript the process could be automated to some degree.


    One other possibility is to place the Aperture library on your machine into either your Public folder (or the Shared folder could work) and have your wife access the images that way. There are a lot of provisos with this plan. You'd have to make sure you both didn't try to access the library at the same time, she would just be viewing the images and not trying to do any editing and the response time will not be great but is is a possibility.  If you play around with this idea make sure you have a backup of the library before hand just in case.




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    It would be good to simply be able to do with another computer or iPad what  you can do with an Apple TV.  With the latter, on your LAN, you can view Projects and Albums in your Aperture Library on your TV.  But of course there you cannot then use to share via email, etc.  I look for this to come one day, but when no one here can know.



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    I agree.


    I was hoping that the new iTunes Home Sharing would somehow allow this but it appears to only share music and video not images



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    This is a BASIC request. Not necessarily easily coded/written, but work that should be accomplished , as people wanting access to other family members' photos is a common request.

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    Could you upgrade to Aperture 3.3 and your wife to iPhoto 9.3? Then you could open your Aperture library in iPhoto and share the Aperture Library as an iPhoto library on your local network. Your wife should then be able to browse the shared albums using iPhoto.




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    Thanks for that idea! While not perfect it does the trick.

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    Why don't you want to use Photo Stream?  I know you the OP mentioned that you s/he don't  doesn't want the pictures to show on your his/her iDevices, but that seems a much smaller price to pay than having to ship your whole Library between machines or set up sharing.


    My wife is an avid photographer.  She uses iPhoto.  We each set up and use shared Photo Streams to share pictures -- even when we sit across from each other at the kitchen table.  As a bonus, we can comment (or "like") and the comments are saved.  And if we aren't both in the same room, it allows us to share when we can, and view when we can.  Personally, I think it has made us more attentive photographers, because instead of saying "Hey -- look at all these photos I took today!" we now select the ones that are meaningful to us, and pay more attention to them.  "Maybe crop a little more off the left ... ?", etc.


    I've been stupid more than once today -- am I missing something here?

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    am I missing something here?

    Sharing using PhotoStream requires iCloud and the extra work you describe. It is more suitable for sharing your finished worked, since the amount of data you can share this way is limited. But you can do it worldwide.


    Sharing the Library on the local network using iPhoto's Library sharing will give your partner read access to your photo library - either selected albums you want to share or the whole library. And you can do it without using your internet rates or iCloud allowance.

    than having to ship your whole Library between machines or set up sharing.

    You don't have to do more than to enable the flag "Share my Library" in iPhoto's Preferences - one reason more to keep iPhoto around

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    Right!  Thanks.  (Sorry for the slow response -- I knew you'd replied but your reply didn't show up for me until today.)