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Hi, I had some hard drive problems a little while ago, so installed a new drive system, and restored data from my TM Backup.  However, the mount point is very different from the one originally backed up.


Is there a way I restructure the backup folders on the TM drive, so I don't lose my backups from before this restore point?  (rigth now I have a 6Tb backup drive, with 1.6tb free.  I have 4 tb's to backup to it, most of which is already on the backup drive, just mapped to a different folder/volume.)


I'm quite comfortable using the shell or whatever, i'm just getting permission problems or 'operation not permitted' when trying to move the folders to an existing tree, or to even create a symlink.


Hopefully I don't need to dump my old backup data in order to continue backing up.


Any help would be appreciated.



PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.6.8)