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Have been trying to purchase a photo book on Aperture 3.4.3.


Each time I enter my Apple ID, it takes me to a pre-populated screen with my existing account details under the banner of "Create new acount".


When I go through this process, I get to the final shipping address screen and click continue.  This gives a message suggesting I "Try again later".  I have - many, many times.


There are many other posts that suggest updating the validation question, or re-entering the credit card details will fix the problem.  Unfortunately that doesn't work for me.


Has anyone got any other ideas?  I am somewhat running out of patience with this (as I'm sure many others out there are too)


Appreciate any ideas / suggestions etc.  Thanks so much.



Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), Macbook Pro i7 2.4Ghz, 4Gb RAM
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    That "Try again later" message may be given - erroneously, if your security questions and password are not compliant with Apple's security standard. The answers to your security questions need to have at least six letters, and your password needs to contain lowercase and uppercase letters, and at least a numbers. If your security settings are different you need to change these at

    MyAppleID. Also, check if your zip code has the correct number of digits.





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    Hi Leonie


    Thanks for the reply. My password definitely complies with the rules you mention.


    Any other suggestions?