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Starting with FCPX few weeks ago, I decided to keep my original video files, Events and Projects on two external Hard Drive to be safe.

Original video files are indentic on both Discs. Video files imported into Events on both discs with copy option. Each Project on a disc refers to Events located on the same disc, or at least this was the way at the begin. Of course both discs have Projects and Events with same names.

For some reason and to use alternately 2 different Macs in different locations I did the error to copy Projects and Events back and forth between the 2 discs (new files over the older). I did it with finder, sometime deleting the Event to be replaced, sometimes not.

As result I have now on both discs 3 or 4 Events with similar content and different names like Event... Event Copy... Event (fcp1)... Event (fcp2)...

Sometimes a Project on Disc1 refers to Events to Disc 2...


Perfect Stupidity due to a too quick start without a full understanding of the program.


Last few days I started to reduce the nomber of Event. After a long scan of the clips in the Events I was able to find the differences, copy the missing clips from one Event to the other and changing the referenced Events in the Project Properties.

This is going to be a long work.


I discovered now the Merge.  I could merge Evens, delete the double clips and end with only one Event for my project.

I know the Project can refer to multiple Events but the sense is they have to be different not many Events which have 95% of the same stuff inside.


I whould like to get some suggestion and how to go on, with 2 discs with same Videos, Projects and Events.

Will the simple copy done inside FCPX with drag and drop of Projects and Events between the 2 discs let me to avoid this proliferation ?


Sorry for my bad english and thanks for your time.

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