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Ok so here's the breakdown:


1) System had water spillage on keyboard/trackpad area. Was "riced" for 48 hours.


2) System booted into Safe Mode after de-ricing. Shut down and opened it up. Some slight corrosion on a capacitor/resistor. Used de-ionized water and isopropyl 90 to remove as much corrosion as possible. Board fine otherwise; water sensors not triggered.


3) Can't boot. Brought to Apple store, surprisingly the moment we plug in MagSafe, it boots. Unreal. Take system home since water damage (corrosion) so no point in warranty here.


4) At home - system boots up. Run Apple Hardware Test from Boot (all OK), reset SMC, all ok. Shut system down via Finder.


NOW I can't boot it for the life of me. Nothing


SMC reset again, no boot.


Maybe the keyboard (power button) is damaged? Battery is accepting a charge (green magsafe from orange from an hour ago).


Has to be a way to boot this thing up since we've been booting it for 2 days now.


Any ideas?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2), 256SSD, 4GB, Core i7