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I don't know how I missed this issue, but during the edit of this independent feature film, I popped in a TDK DVD-R to burn some footage for an actress, and BOOM -- it will only burn at 2x speed.

Under the serious deadline crunch (that's why we use macs, of course!), I scoured through some blank media in my briefcase, and low and behold, the VERBATIM INKJET PRINTABLE 94854 8x DVD-R showed up at the full speed.

I had purchased these from Newegg.com maybe a year ago...

... but I'm shocked to say the least about this, since the recent firmware update probably just removed the speed capabilities of the superdrive. Very odd move by Apple. Odd, the likes of which I haven't seen since the Lombard Powerbook graphics driver issue back when OS X was released -- they were a year old yet no longer supported, until a lawsuit, that is...

Well, I just purchased my parents an Intel iMac, and at least they are enjoying that. Hope the superdrive works fully on it!

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