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dorothyfromcolumbus Level 1 Level 1

I am having rouble getting into iCloud with my Apple password.  I have changed it twice.

It works fine on Apple updates, etc.  What shall I do?

MacBook Air, Lion system
  • LousyFool Level 4 Level 4

    First, you should describe what exact trouble you have: what are you attempting to do, trouble symptoms, error messages, etc...

  • dorothyfromcolumbus Level 1 Level 1

    When I first bring up the desktop of my Mac Air it has the message:

          "iCloud cannot make connection with redstart@knology.net" (my e-mail address)

    Then I go to iCloud from Settings, enter my password, and it

    says "This password is not correct."

      I have set new passwords three times, and it won't accept them.

    The other things on the Mac (software updates, apps, etc.) accept the

    latest password with no problems.

          On my iPad, too, the iCloud says it cannot connect/function

    on the device. I get updates on my apps with the new password.


    I don't want to do anything with iCloud except to have

    it work like it is supposed to do and has always done before we

    installed Mountain Lion two days ago.  Everything else works fine.

  • LousyFool Level 4 Level 4

    This may sound silly to you, but where did you set/change passwords? We don't need to know the PW or any personal details, but the app or website where you made the change. Guess I suspect things being slightly mixed up, so just checking.

  • dwb Level 7 Level 7

    Your description confuses me. You can update apps but you are getting an iCloud error? Doesn't make sense. Is the problem that you cannot get email from your knlology account? If so the password in question isn't the icloud password but the knology password.