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I am considering purchasing AirPort Express but have some questions related to set up, functionality, and router compatibility. I have a Verizon MI424WR router in my basement, but I plan on setting up my Airport Express in the main level of my house so that I can connect it to speakers on that level. I want to be able to stream music from my Mac, iPhone, and iPad to these speakers through the Airport Express. Ideally I would like to also extend the range of the signal from my Verizon router (which pretty much *****) but the music streaming is more important. Essentially my questions are:


1) Do I need to connect Airport Express to an ethernet port when setting up?

2) Will it be compatible with (i.e., extend the range of) my Verizon router?

3) Do I need to do anything specific to connect Airport Express to my existing wireless network?


I'm something of a novice with technology so please dumb it down for me if you can. Thanks.

iPad 2
  • Kappy Level 10 (265,951 points)

    You will need to configure the AEX to work in Bridge Mode by setting the Network Type for Wireless to "Join an existing network." Provide the name assigned to your network in your router's configuration along with the password for your network. This is the only configuration method that may allow it to connect to your existing third-party router.


    Under Base Station tab in Airport Utility enter a name for the AEX and a password for accessing the AEX


    Screen Shot 2012-11-23 at 5.50.56 PM.png


    Under the Internet tab in Airport Utility set Connect using: to DHCP.


    Screen Shot 2012-11-23 at 5.50.23 PM.png


    Set up the Wireless as follows:


    Screen Shot 2012-11-23 at 5.47.31 PM.png


    Select the Wireless Network Name from the dropdown menu.

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    Thanks for the information Kappy. I have some follow up questions just to make sure I am understanding you correctly:

    You will need to configure the AEX to work in Bridge Mode by setting the Network Type for Wireless to "Join an existing network." Provide the name assigned to your network in your router's configuration along with the password for your network.

    Is this done through Airport Utility on my Mac? Is there were the screenshots are from?


    Do I need to be connected to an ethernet port?

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    Yes, configure using Airport Utility from your computer. The AEX should be plugged into a wall outlet nearby. You shouldn't need an Ethernet connection, but you may need to turn on your computer's WiFi.

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    Thanks. On a side not, I am considering replacing my Verizon router with AirPort Extreme. Would it be significantly easier to set up AirPort Express with Extreme already in place as my router?

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    It would not be significantly easier, but it would be different. The AEX is more compatible with the AEBS. It can Extend a network as well as Join a network. On a non-Apple router you may only Join a network.


    However, if your Verizon device is a modem/router, then it cannot be replaced by an AEBS. The latter is solely a router.

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    It went through the set up initially just like you had explained but now utility is not recognizing the base station. Specifically, it is saying "AirPort Utility was unable to find any AirPort wireless devices". Any suggestions?

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    Yes, I've had that happen. Usually, if you reset it, unplug it, wait a minute, then plug it in and wait until it boots then starts blinking, you will pick it up in Airport Utility.

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    That didn't work. It's still not recognizing the base station. It is there when I open my network preferences but the utility will not recognize it. Neither does iTunes.

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    Airport Utility will not recognize your cable router. It will only recognize Apple devices. Is that what you are asking about? Or is it not picking up the AEX?

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    The latter. My "Utility" app on my Mac does not recognize the base station. However, I just did the reset again and I'm going through the set up again. Should I "Restore the previous settings" or "Use default settings and save previous settings as a profile"?

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    Use default settings.


    You may find it easier to use Airport Utility 5.6.1 instead of 6.0. AirPort Utility 5.6.1 for Leopard/Snow Leopard. To install it remove Airport Utility from the Utilities folder. Install 5.6.1. It should work as I've had it working with Mountain Lion here.


    Keep playing with it. It will show up eventually. Sometimes it takes a while and even a restart.

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    I am using 5.6.1. None of my apple devices are recognizing the AEX.

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    Try connecting it's Ethernet port to your router if possible. Try turning on your computer's WfFi if nearby.

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    Connecting to the Ethernet Port allowed me to complete the set up but Airplay is not showing AEX as an option in iTunes.

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