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Is there a way to delete all deleted items in one action rather than individually?

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    If you are talking about email.... You can delete all mail in the trash folder at once. While in the trash folder, tap on the Edit Button at the top of the window, then tap the Delete All button at the bottom. Tap the red Delete all button that pops up at the bottom.

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    Thanks for the help.  My friend actually has multiple files.  She has a deleted, deleted items, and deleted messages as well as the trash.  We were actually hoping to delete the other folders and it would be great to eliminate them if possible.  Any thoughts?


    thanks again

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    Is this a Gmail account? If so, Gmail works a little differently than the email accounts that I am familiar with. Here are a couple of support articles for Gmail.... From Google and Apple.





    And the Google search results that I found.



    I assume that this email account is an IMAP account. She should be able to delete the folders on the server - on the web using a browser. There should be settings to add and remove mailboxes and folders in there. Any changes that you make to an IMAP account will be reflected across all devices. If the folders are removed in there, they will disappear from the iPad as well.


    But ... Where did these folders come from in the first place?