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att requested apple 2 weeks ago to unlock my iphone 4, but I am still waiting for apple to unlock it. Today I was in an apple store and they told me that they can not do anything about it.

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    You need to contact your carrier to unlock the phone

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    You have not received an email or text from AT&T yet? Have you checked your junk mail?


    I am assuming you got your letter from AT&T stating you were eligible?

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    I was already in a ATT store and they told me that they did what they had to do, they sent the request to unlock the phone to apple, and it is apple who now has to unlock it.

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    ATT already said that I am eligible to have the phone unlock. I got 2 different emails from ATT confirming the latest, and that I have to check when it is already unlock, they told me it would take 7 days, and it has been more than 12 days

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    No, that is not the way it works. AT&T sends you an email saying you are eligible for the update. After you receive that in 5 days to 3 weeks you receive an email from AT&T that says it has been processed and gives you the directions how to unlock it.

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    What did the second message say that you got from AT&T? Can you copy it here?

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    I guess I have to wait one more week to get an email with a response. thanks

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    Thank you for contacting AT&T Customer Care about unlocking your Phone. To request an
    unlock for this device and account, log in to your myAT&T account and contact us by email or
    chat. You may also contact AT&T Customer Care at 800-331-0500.

    You may also check the status of your unlock request by clicking the link for AT&T's Device Unlock Status Portal.


    The AT&T Customer Care Team

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    And did you go to your account and request the unlock? Assuming this was the last letter you got from them.

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    Apple doesn't have anything to do with unlocking iPhones, that is up to the carrier.  In regards to AT&T, they have this request page to initiate the unlock process.  After this request is approved, they send you directions with how to reset your iPhone. 




    After the iPhone is unlocked, these are the only steps to take - and don't require AT&T sending the unlock request to Apple or anything like that.  Just swap out the SIM. 




    Hope this helps.