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I have had an iPod since 2008, created an iTunes library on a Windows laptop, loaded 338 songs onto the iPod, listened for a while but put it in a drawer for four years. I brought it out again this year because I just bought a new car with a USB port to the sound system. I also added 40 new songs to my iTunes library, now on a MacBook Air. Now I want to sync the 40 new tunes onto the iPod but I'm told the 40 new songs and the 338 earlier songs are in separate libraries and if I sync the 40 new songs onto the device I delete the 388 earlier songs. Why is that? How can I merge the two libraries and save all the sings onto my iPod? For that matter, how do I find the original library on iTunes? Please advise.


San Jose, CA

iPod nano, iOS 6.0.1