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Today my newly purchased Iphone 5 (bought last week or so), had a blue screen of death. Slightly freaked out, I did a reset(?) (pressing the top lock button with the home button) until it restarted the phone. It was sucessful in doing so, and the phone worked fine.


Then within the next hour or so, out of nowhere again another blue screen occured. This time, instead of just a continuous screen of blue like previously, it flashed blue then went completely black. No amount of button pressing brought any kind of reaction, so I did a hard reset (held home button for 20seconds or so, until the apple symbol appeared).


The phone is working as normal again after the reset, but Im terrified that it will be a continuous occurence, especially seeing as this is my first iphone and newly purchased. The phone wasn't hooked up to a usb or anything, (cloud is activated and i was using wifi, but thats normal...), and I was simply listening to music and using a writing app (like a note pad basically). So I cannot understand why it suddenly showed the blue screen of death twice.


Any reasons as to why it happened, and if possible how to make sure it doesn't occur in the future?






Edit: Okay, after the second time it worked, I connected it to the pc via usb, and now I have to restore to factory settings as it wasn't registering my iphone.

What is happening?!

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.1
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    Edit: It keeps saying Error 1600.

    So I went through a whole process of uninstalling the software and reinstalling it, but it still says the same thing!

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    my iphone stopeed working it got a blue screen with a lil line at the top o tryed reseting it and it just died. it wasnt reponsive at all i connected it to the comp and the charger and nothing... so honestly all i did was a battery spool . i took apart the phone and disconnected the battery for about a min and put it all togeather and it started working again. i never thought that an apple phone would need a battery spool

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    I am facing the same problem. My iphone 5 never had blue screen of death (BSOD) until I installed ios7.* I thought, the problem would be fixed after minor update but after few minor updates the bsod still persists and it's occuring frequently.


    Mostly BSOD occurs mostly while the phone is connected for charging either in macbook pro or wall adapter. The other occurances are more erratic and cannot be predicted why it's crashing.