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Does anyone have some advice?  I am no longer able to access my airport express.  I started by unplugging.  I read blogs in which said I can only use 5.6 for lion with my older airport express (I think I must have upgraded to 6.0, which I think is what is causing the problem in the first place).  I downloaded 5.6 for lion, but my computer says it can't load this utilty.  It seems I am caught between a rock and a hard place.

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    Which version of the AirPort Express to you have? 802.11g or either of the 802.11n models? It sounds like you have the "g" version. If so, you are correct in that version 5.6 of the AirPort Utility will not install on OS X Mountain Lion. It will run; however, once installed. The trick is to use a utility like Pacifist to first extract the utility from the (.dmg) Disk Image file.

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    The AirPort Express is MOdel no. A1084  I didn't see if it said 802.11g or 802.11n.  I downloaded the Pacifist program and it seemed to open the 5.6 file and install.  But...I still don't have the option in the airport utility to upgrad the airport.  It is a bit frustrating, I have two of these devises streaming music in different parts of the house.

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    But...I still don't have the option in the airport utility to upgrad the airport.


    What firmware version is the AirPort Express using at this time?


    If you are not sure, open AirPort Utility 5.6 and click on the AirPort Express.

    Then click Manual Setup.

    Then click directly on the word Version


    The Express Model A1084 can handle up to firmware 6.3.  That is as far as it can go.

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    The A1084 is the older 802.11g model. At best it can be upgraded to firmware v6.3.

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    I was able to open airport utility 5.6 with the Pacifist program.  I was able to update the AirPort Express to 6.3 as shown in Airport 5.6. 


    But...I am still not able to assign speakers to play through the airport and it still doesn't recognize a printer plugged into the usb port. 


    Am I out of luck?

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    The dude in the link below is a genius.  I followed his procedure to the letter and I was able to run Airport Utility 5.6 under Mountain Lion and reset my A1084.  When you lauch it will ask you to upgrade the program, just hit cancel and go on.  I did reset my A1084 to factory default by holding the reset button down while powering it up until you see the LED alternate between green and yellow.