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A friend send to me a proyect of garage band. I have this proyect in a folder on my computer . I would like to  import this proyect to my ipad. Does someone know how to do this? Please urgent  Thanks.

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    Is the project, that your friend send you, a GarageBand for iPad project or a GarageBand for Mac project? If it is a  "GarageBand for Mac" project, then syncing to your iPad  is not (yet) supported, sorry. You can open "GarageBand for iPad" projects in GarageBand on your Mac, but you cannot sync "GarageBand for Mac" projects to your ipad.


    If it is a "GarageBand for IOS" project, you can use iTunes to upload it:

    • Connect your iPad
    • Select it in iTunes in the "Devices" section
    • Select the  "Apps" tab
    • Scroll all the way down to the "File Sharing" section and select "GarageBand"
    • Press the "Add" button and your GarageBand Project to the files.
    • Then sync.


    On your iPad open the "My Songs" view and press the "+" button. Select to add a song from iTunes and add the song your friend send you.


    Good Luck



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    thanks. Is Garageband for  ios proyect, but in the computer is not a file is a foulder and I cant import as a new file in Garageband Proyect files.Do you know? Tahnks,

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    What kind of computer do you have?

    If it is a mac, check the file name extension if the project. It should be ".band" - if it is not ".band", change the filename of the project to the ".band". Then the folder should no longer be displayed as a folder, but as a GarageBand project.

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    Its a Windows vista computer.garageband.jpgI cant add fron the computer to this  site

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    Sorry, I do not have a Windows computer, so I cannot help with that.


    But I am afraid, from a Windows system it is not possible, see this discussion:

    TS3642 Is Apple working on a fix for this so Windows users can import a .band file?

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    Annoyingly the Windows version of iTunes doesn't handle .band projects properly. You can use .iTunes to transfer a project from one device into the file sharing area for the app and save it to your computer, but you can't drag a .band folder into that area to upload to another device. In contrast a round trip is possible for iMovieMobile as those project folders are rolled up into a .zip file. I, and others, have submitted bug reports but as yet there has been no change.


    The best workaround I've come across is iFunBox. Share the GarageBand project to iTunes on the device in the normal way, connect it to a computer running iFunBox, click the iFunBox Classic button, expand the tree to show App File Sharing > GarageBand and drag the project folder to your computer. Connect the other device, show the App File Sharing > GarageBand view, drag the project folder in, then in GarageBand on the device use the plus symbol in the My Songs view to copy the project from iTunes.


    My only slight reservation is that AVG flagged up one of the components of iFunBox as a security risk, although having let AVG take remedial action the iFunBox program carried on working and there is no sign that AVG actually quarantined any files. I suspect a false positive, the program has been around for some time and has plenty of good recommendations. I'm sure if it were known to be malicious I'd have found the evidence.