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Trying to make a decision.  Advise would be appreciated.


I have a Late 2009 I7 iMac that I am very satisfied with.  It has 8GB memory, 1TB HD and the I7 processor.   And it has a DVD/CD internal drive.


I need some more screen space so I want to add a second display.   I do not have a thunderbolt only a mini port connector.  What model cinema display do I need?  A1316


I would like to add a SSD.  My question is will it make it run hotter?  It already heats my home office very well all by itself.


The most memory I can find is 16Gbs.  I am guessing that is the limit.


I upgraded my Alum Macbook 13" with 8 GB memory and a SSD and it performs wonderfully.  So I am thinking about updating my iMac.  My other option is to buy a new iMac when they come out with second display.   Fusion Drive option with max memory and processor.  I will also need a external BD/DVD/CD recorder.  I use DVD/CD almost daily.


So any thoughts?  Thanks for your time.



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    mini display port is the same connector as thunderbolt and converters came make it into dvi if the display only have that port


    SSD having no moving parts run much colder then normal harddisks


    SSD is faster and run colder then Fusion drives


    if you put a smaller SSD in the imac then you will likely be removing the 1TB hd

    you can then buy an external box with firewire or USB and still use the 1TB hd for storage

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    Thank you for your input.  I am thinking of the 980GB SSD and already have 16 TB of external storage.