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Trying to make a decision.  Advise would be appreciated.


I have a Late 2009 I7 iMac that I am very satisfied with.  It has 8GB memory, 1TB HD and the I7 processor.   And it has a DVD/CD internal drive.


I need some more screen space so I want to add a second display.   I do not have a thunderbolt only a mini port connector.  What model cinema display do I need?  A1316


I would like to add a SSD.  My question is will it make it run hotter?  It already heats my home office very well all by itself.


The most memory I can find is 16Gbs.  I am guessing that is the limit.


I upgraded my Alum Macbook 13" with 8 GB memory and a SSD and it performs wonderfully.  So I am thinking about updating my iMac.  My other option is to buy a new iMac when they come out with second display.   Fusion Drive option with max memory and processor.  I will also need a external BD/DVD/CD recorder.  I use DVD/CD almost daily.


So any thoughts?  Thanks for your time.



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