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My apple Xserve G5 has stopped turning on after I shut it down. When turned ut back on I pressed the power button all of the fans spin up and the System Indicatior light turns Solid Amber/Orange and does not flash. I tried leaving it on for a long period of time to see if it would start up on its own but the fans became progressivly faster and faster until I turned it off. I have tried what apple says to do and hold the indicator light when turning on the then releasing it when the processor lights start flashing. Other than turning on and off it is completely unresoponsive. Any Ideas?

Xserve, OS X Server, OSX Server Tiger 10.4
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    Do you have a spare power supply? Xserve G5 power supplies are notorious for failing. I have had at least 5 go down causing all kinds of issues from not fully powering up to no activity at all.

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    Thanks... I found that the power supply on neither my G5 or G4 would start up from cold? I just leave them plugged in to keep the psu warm now.