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Please help, I have dropped Iphone 4s in a cup of coffee, its sort of dried out, Siri works, but no screen display, I have 1000+ photos that are not backed up.

Please couldd anyone advise if it is possible for Apple Genius Bar to repair?

iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
  • brad805 Level 5 (7,340 points)

    Apple can do no better than you. If Mac or PC will recognize iPhone as camera which is normal you can back up your photos. On PC connect iPhone with USB cable, go to My Computer and get your photos. On Mac connect iPhone with USB cable, let iPhoto Program get your photos. Or on either computer, if iTunes recognizes iPhone then back up or sync iPhone so your photos are backed up. Genius can do more than this. So do it yourself.

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    Thank you for your support, unfortunateley when i plug in to PC (windows) nothing shows.

    Do you happen to know if Apple Genius can repair the phone or do they scrap and sell you another?

    Thank you.

  • imobl Level 5 (6,122 points)

    Apple does not repair iPhones. If eligible, you will get replacement

    iPhone of exact same type under Out of Warranty program. In

    US, cost for 4s is $199, adjust for your locality.