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How much for 100gb of icloud (my iphoto is 85gb)... is there a better cloud solution? Is it even possible to upload 85gb of iphoto data to a cloud?

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    The maximum storage in iCloud is 55GB (50GB costing $100 p.a., and the basic 5GB free). However this is not general file storage: it's only for iOS backup, Mail, 'Photo Journal' (a very basic photo gallery populated only from iPhoto for iOS) and 'Documents in the Cloud' (currently iWork and TextEdit only, accessed through the applications, not directly).


    It doesn't sound as if iCloud is suitable for your needs. This page examines some third-party file storage solutions:




    and this page examines some online photo galleries:



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    thanks for the clarity Roger but I kinda want to vent on this too.  If I have iphone, ipad, laptop, imac and tower why can't I rely on one central service from Apple.  The 55GB doesn't even add up to one 64GBdevice - the ipad, iphone let alone the libraries etc from the macbook pro and the towers.  Is this really just a cloud  - a mysterious but beautiful vapor incapable of holding the weight of a raindrop or more than 55GBs?  Isn't it a bunch of hard drives hooked into a server configuration with a smart controller?  Is it really different than mobileme where I had a 1TB of storage?  Trying to talk to Apple about it is like boxing the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man - you can just never hit bone no matter how hard you try.


    Thanks for the links.  I do have SugarSync, 1.2TB Dropbox, ATT, and Google Drive.  Still not a solution though - all an adhoc kluge that doesn't address the well thought out user experience I've come to expect from Apple interface and products.

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    dbMiller wrote:


    Is it really different than mobileme where I had a 1TB of storage?

    Really? AFAIK the maximum was 60GB. 1TB is an absolutely huge amount of online storage. But iCloud isn't really meant to be the same as MobileMe and Aple plainly aren't interested in providing online storage, but just enabling easy setup and syncing of iOS devices.

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    I know - I just would like it to be the way it was.  I just get the error message all the time from my iPhone - not enough space on the iCloud.  My pictures, videos, docs, music are splintered across multiple access points.  Sorry to use your post where you clearly laid out the truth to the community - I just want them to be more than they want to be...