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Set up new Mac Mini with 1TB Fusion Drive, 2.6 GHz i7, 16GB RAM.  Fan is running at high speed all the time.  Processor under no stress, just using browser and mail.  This is not acceptable.  Is this the way the Mini's are?  I still have 2007 iMac that never makes a sound.  Using TB display.



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
  • Dave Stowe Level 5 Level 5 (5,085 points)

    Have you checked Activity Monitor to see if there is a background process runninng?.....if you just set it up perhaps it is indexing the hard drive.....

  • Bill3 Level 2 Level 2 (270 points)

    Looks Like it is Folding at Home.  CPU usage 726%.  Folding app has setting to redude CPU usage, but it does not effect the app. 

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    It's great to contribute clock cycles to scientific endeavors. But if the scientists running the project can't get their engineers to make their client software unobstrusive and unburdensome, well, there are plenty of other distributed computing projects to which you can offer your computer time.

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    No wonder your fan is screaming, I'll bet that baby is cooking at 726% CPU usage. I'd quit whatever process is causing that, pronto! Do you have iStatPro or some other temprature reporting App available?

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    macmini 2012 model with 2.6ghz definitely has high temperature and fan speed(and in turn noisy) issue. I had to reorder another one with 2.3ghz(the problem has nothing to do with regular HD or fution) and it works fine.


    don't buy macmini 2012 with 2.6ghz!

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    Sorry, I don't agree. I have the 2.6GHz late-2012 model and I am not experiencing this issue. Does the temp go up and the fan speed increase if I run some graphics-intensive game or 30 Safari tabs full of Flash video? Yes. Otherwise, no.

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    this is my experience with the 2.6Ghz unit I owned.


    maybe mine is a faulty one if you are running one. I download "smcfancontrol" to monitor cpu temperature and fan speed


    1) go to youtube and type "1080p HD video" and the 1st or 2nd link should be planet earth, watch it and make window 200% and in one min, my cpu temperature will shoot for about 70c and fan speed about 3000 rpm and you'll hear fan noise.


    2) click one of my home video clip and use mountain lion finder build-in "encloding" option, within one min, my cPU will be 100c and fan screaming at about 6000rpm. even though I cancel my encoding job, the "avencode" process will not quit and I had to force quit, otherwise the fan and cpu will stay the above speed/temp.


    I don't have either of these problems with 2.3ghz cpu with the same 1T fusion drive. Both units are brandnew and I haven't installed many problems. I noticed the 2.6ghz problem right away after I got the unit, it's unusable for me because of frequent fan noise(hinting cpu high) and I had to order a 2.3ghz unit. I'll return my 2.6ghz one today.


    right now I'm using my new 2.3ghz. just for testing run a imovie export job using quicktime and my cpu is about 85 and fan is at very low 2000rpm and I don't hear anything. this is impossible with my 2.6ghz unit which my fan rpm will be likely to be in 5000rpm range and you'll hear a lot of noise because of that.