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This may not be the right forum for posting this query, but I guess the users of this forum are the right audience to respond to it, hence am going ahead with posting the query.


I am a travel photographer + writer and currently have two different sites to display my work. My photography portfolio is put up on photoshelter at www.bhavenjani.photoshelter.com and my travel blog on wordpress at www.bhavenjani.wordpress.com. Now, I am looking for an option where I can have both on a single site (and that Photoshelter is turning out to be expensive and I havent had a single sale on it for over a year is only prompting me to move away from it). Wordpress seems to be a powerful site, however after lots of exploration, I couldnt find any Theme on it that is suitable for displaying a portfolio of images. Incidentally, they have a theme named 'Photography', but it displays images at 948x534 dimension, which means one has to edit all their images to this size and may result in images getting unnaturally cropped. Basically it didnt work out for me. Nor did any other theme that they claim appropriate for photographers.


I am assuming, many photographers here face the same issue (of hosting blog + photos) on a single site. And that many of you use Wordpress. Does anyone have suggestions which theme of WP is best suited for blogging + photo display?


Note: I posted this same query on WP forums, but havent received any response in over a month:(

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    Pro photographer here with 30+ years in the biz shooting location editorial and commercial assignments for international clients. If you are like me, you are probably more interested in creating images than dealing with the business side of things. So I use online services and software that look professional and get the job done but that are as close to the K.I.S.S. principle as humanly possible.


    Setting up a Wordpress website can require a signifcant amount of effort, reliable hosting is not inexpensive and you must be sure to keep Worpdress and any plugins up to date which can be a bother if you are doing it yourself and are more interested in being a photographer than a Web master. And as you have already discovered, Wordpress "tech support" is dependent on the kindness and expertise of strangers and they don't always come through with timely or helpful advice. I can ssure you that you will probably need more than a little help putting together a professional-looking Wordpress website.  If you are determined to go that route I would recommend considering hiring a professional Wordpress designer to do the heavy lifting for you. If you do find an agreeable template you may still need some hand-holding unless you are a dedicated do-it-myself kind of person.


    I suggest taking a look at Zenfolio (http://www.zenfolio.com). It has a blogging feature. There is a free plugin for uploading images directly from Aperture; it works great. You can put together a very nice online portfolio that includes a blog with very little effort. You can have a portfolio up and running by the end of today.


    I often produce "full frame" images that I do not want to crop and I haven't had any problems with displaying these images using Zenfolio.


    The Zenfolio Unlimited, Premium and Premium Business plans would allow you to use your own domain, which is more professional than your current domain. (www.bhavenjani.com is already taken so that is an unfortunate wrinkle that you will have to deal with...) I recommend using Moniker.com for registering and managing domains. (Spend the extra $4/year for private WhoIs registration unless you enjoy receiving a ton of spam...) Since Zenfolio does not offer an e-mail service, I suggest using Runbox.com to set-up an account that uses your domain. Again, this is more professional than a generic GMail or similar account.


    I think that the $120/year Premium is the best bang for the buck unless you want the additional features of the Premium Business Plan.  If you want to save money the Unlimited Plan is a bargain at $60/year; the Basic is $30/year. I don't sell prints to consumers so I don't require those Zenfolio features. But I prefer to have Zenfolio "branding" removed from my website and that requires the Premium plan.


    Zenfolio plan features: http://www.zenfolio.com/zf/all-features.aspx.


    Zenfolio has a 14-day free demo period which is plenty of time to see if it meets your needs.  My referral code is M2W-583-WSC if you find that Zenfolio will meet your needs.


    Good luck with your photography!

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    Thanks MisterMojo. It will take me time to go through your long & detailed response and check out zenfolio.

    Meanwhile, just to let you know, www.bhavenjani.com is registered by me:) through WP, I am hoping to find a way to move my photo site to it until i start sharing it with customers:).

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    Oops! I should have realized that... I didn't connect your current Wordpress site with the one I found. Time for another cup of chai!