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I bought my MacBook Air 2 months ago and was really looking forward to it. Then the nightmare came when the design was defected and went through so many calls just to get it rectified. Then I got a one to one exchange and this one has crack battery case. Took me another 3-4 days to get it fixed ( through many calls and mails). Now, it's software, screen became sluggish, animation was full of weird pixels.


AppleCare senior adviser told me to format my computer and told me to erase disk utilities. Then it failed to verify Mountain lion and the person told me to call my service provider to unblock the network. Unfortunately that is the last time I heard of that person and my service provider told me nothin was blocked. Now, I'm left with a computer with no operating system which I call it a vase, 2 months old sitting on my table. I've contacted AppleCare but due to my busy schedule, I can't talk to them during their working hours and they don't work on weekends. I bought the computer do work but because of the constant breaking down, I can't do anything productive. On top of them, I can't speak to any apple people because I've got no time to do so. So after 2 months of usage minus few days of repair + another few days of repair, I'm left with a vase.


What are my choices? Refund: cannot do it since its 2 month. Leave it there: waste of $2000. Get it fixed: no time to speak and even after speaking does not promise any time nearer to rectify.  inconvenience to travel to service center to get told the 3rd time that the warranty don't cover it and so on.


Issue has been courting for 5 days.. It will take another day before I get to speak to any people. It's the worst feeling ever. All routes linked to losing $2000. Because after 3 break down in 2 months, that's 18 times a year, so each repair takes 3 days if fast, that's 54 days of non usage. I don't know what to say. Tim Cook should read this..

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    Are you in the US? AppleCare is open 6am to 6pm PDT, seven a days week here in the US. Matter of fact, they're open right now. There's no good reason I can think of that it would take so long to rectify an issue where the machine is damaged right from the factory. The only potential of confusion I can see here is that for an ongoing issue of 2 months, it seems odd that you've been unable find any time to work with Apple to generate movement. I get it, you're busy. But with $2000 on the line and obvious frustration, it was impossible for you to make time to work with Apple Customer Relations or different senior specialist in AppleCare?


    BTW, Tim Cook doesn't read these pages, nor does AppleCare.

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    Hi, what I meant was, I've been going to the service center a lot just to get my previous 2 fix. Now it's another issue and I can't afford to go to the service center nor I have that time to sit down for hours just to get call fixes. Ok top of that, I did manage to sit down with them and eventually got my hdd erased.


    And nope, not in the US. I'm in Asia. I wish I'm in the states where it's easier to reach help.