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My OS or something keeps resetting the clock back outrageously! Please see screenshot below, I'd appreciate any suggestion as to why this is happening

Thanks.Clock Reset Error.jpg

PowerBook, Mac OS X (10.4.11), G4, 1.33Ghz PowerPC, 15.1' Screen
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    That happens when you remove all power from the system (wall plug and battery) with a dead internal PRAM battery. Normally, a functional PRAM battery keeps the date and other memory information current when the system is sleeping or even shut down.


    New PRAM batteries are hard to come by. There are used ones that some like ifixit.com, pbparts.com, and others sell. You can check OWC to see if they have anything, however, they may not for your model.

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    On the Date & Time preference window, make sure Set Date and Time Automatically is checked. Then when you connect to the internet, the date/time will be correct.


     Cheers, Tom


    The ifixit site has step by step instructions for changing the PRAM battery.



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    Or, if your PowerBook is connected to the internet, let a NTP server set the right date/time for you.


    Check System Preferences, Date & Time



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    Good to know. this lead me to learn that battery appearing as not charging can be due to the pram as well, which has been happening lately too. I've got to spend more time managing my mac.


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    I have changed the time & date to auto update and so far this has solved my issue. I guess if it happens again I'll replace the pram. Also thanks a lot for the referenced site, very helpful for maintaining my mac.