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Just installed new Mac Mini Server and I cannot get postfix aliases to work. I have a working postfix setup I am trying to replace / upgrade. I've tried multiple things to include:

  • Updated alias mapping in /Library/Server/Mail/Config/postfix/aliases file (did newaliases and postfix reload afterwards)
  • Updated alias mapping in /etc/postfix/aliases file
  • Added 'alias_database = hash:/Library/Server/Mail/Config/postfix/aliases' to main.cf
  • Added 'alias_maps = /Library/Server/Mail/Config/postfix/aliases' to main.cf


If I send an email to postmaster it is mapped to root which is mapped to /dev/null. My alias file(s) has 'root: dmorsberger'. I have no idea where the /dev/null mapping is coming from.


It also doesn't work for normal user aliases. I think I can get normal user aliases to work if I can figure out what is going on with postmaster.


Any ideas or help?

Mac mini, OS X Server, Mountain Lion Server
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    Ok, I may have it working. There are three aliases files:

    • /etc/aliases,
    • /etc/postfix/aliases, and
    • /Library/Server/Mail/Config/postfix/aliases


    It appears 'newaliases' works on /etc/aliases by default. If you want newaliases to update another file then use the -oA option


    $> newaliases -oA/Library/Server/Mail/Config/postfix/aliases - creates the /Library/Server/Mail/Config/postfix/aliases.db file.


    Seems odd that Apple would include the alias files in /Library/Server/Mail/Config/postfix and /etc/postfix if they are not being used. I connected all files with symbolic links