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I assume i messed up my macbook pro HDD when I was running Windows on VMware fusion. When I tried to switch it on it didnt boot because it couldnt find a some files. So I booted Snow L on a usb flash disk. My mac is on and I want to recover some stuff from "Macintosh HDD" so I can reformat my mac. Thing is, I cant find my "Macintosh HDD. In disk utility, I can only see the USB flash thats running my mac, my external hdd and a cd.


Is my old hdd gone forever,  how do I view my Mac hdd when im booting os x via a usb and if I can, how can I salvage some of my files?


Help pleaae

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    If you can see it, it sounds like it died.


    The only way to get anything at all of of a dead is to send it out to a service for recovery. Expect to pay big buck for such a service, like $$$$.


    Hence the reason I always suggest you should implement a good and tested backuop procedure. No matter how much the bacup cost it is always cheaper then the service is.



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    Hi m,


    You can try Safe Mode:




    After the Mac is completely shut down, push the power button and immediately after the startup tone, hold down the Shift key. The Shift key should be held as soon as possible after the startup tone but not before.

    Release the Shift key when you see the gray Apple icon and the progress indicator (looks like a spinning gear).

    There should be a message that says "Safe Boot." After the Mac is completely booted, try restarting and see if the issue is gone.


    But I think you're going to have to buy recovery software and if that doesn't work, then you'll have to send it to a data recovery professional.

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    Hi guys.


    So I booted in Safe Mode, now I can see my hard drive. Bought Disk Warrior and it's busy doing what it has to do. Will keep you posted.


    I've encountered another problem though. My Mac isn't detecting my external HDD. I can see it in Disk Utility but I can't actually navigate my external. I know there's nothing wrong with that.

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    If it still cannot see your external HD after DW is finished, try booting normally and if all works, immediately save what you need to. If this doesn't work, try booting into FireWire Target Disk Mode and see if you can transfer data that way.