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My macbook air continues to show an update available in App Store, but when App Store is then opened, one does not show available.  Also, neither my iPad nor iPhone 4S shows an update like this.  Remains through restarts, shutting down, etc.  Any ideas?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.5)
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    First, the App Stores for OS X (Macs) and iOS (iPhones/iPads) are two completely different things.


    Next, are we talking a system update or an app update?


    Either way, under Updates it should show up with an Install button. No? Then it's probably an app which you've earlier been hiding from the list of purchased items. You can unhide it it your account (follow the Account link e.g. in the right pane under Spotlight).

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    There is not an install button.  What is showing is an update for an app that I have previously installed (so where the Install button was there is now a greyed out Installed).  Above the info for the app that was installed, it shows 1 Update Available.  It's almost as if the App Store hasn't reset since I installed that last update and it is stuck to show that I still need to update when I really can't.  Does that make sense?

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    Yes, I makes sense the way you're explaining it now.


    It might be as simple as deleting the app (via Launchpad), logging out and back in, then launching the App Store and re-installing the app from your Purchases list.

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    Thanks!  That did it.  Appreciate the help.