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Hey, I've recently made a 2 minute video to upload onto Youtube. I've uploaded it in the past just fine when it brings up a message saying it's complete and it gives me a link to my Youtube Page. Unforunately, this time it renders and uploads the video. After it's done uploading it just closed and no message box appears. Why is that? I mean it should of told me there was a failure or something if there was. I have receieved error messages for poor wifi connection. I also checked my Youtube Uploads to see if it appeared there. Nothing was there not even a thumbnail of it saying "failed to upload" or "corrupted".


I've reuploaded this video all day and waited 2 hrs. everytime for it to finish downloading. After everytime it just closed the Uploading box when it reached 100% and didn't tell me if it was complete or if there was an error. I've uploaded the same video 5 times. I've searched online that Youtube changes their specs, so for the last 2 times I changed the FPS and Volume controls and exports, etc. It still does the same thing. I exported the video to be compatible with Youtube uploader, and Youtube uploader wouldn't even reach 1%.


Please help, and give a very detailed reply. Thanks


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    Usually this is caused by entering the wrong YouTube ID and password. Use the same Signing that you use for GMail.


    If that does not help, do this. 

    In iMovie, Share/Export Movie in the sizes you want. Save to a location you can find.


    Now open YouTube in your web browser. Use the upload function in YouTube to up load your movie.