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I threw away 2 old applications into trash that are no longer supported, Appleworks and Nikon Picture project.


When I tried to remove them they said they were locked and I removed them onto an external HD BUT they were not removed from Trash.

I then put them on the desktop and they were listed on my desktop BUT again they were not removed from trash.

I tried to empty the trash and it asked to remove all items, I click that button but trash closed without removing the 2 items.


I then put the HD and Desktop duplicates back into trash and it tripled the amount of items and again it asked to remove all items but it failed to do so and shut down.


How do I empty the trash, the programs are no longer supported so I cannot even unlock them even if I knew the where or how to do it.


Please advise


Thank you,



imac, Mac OS X (10.6.5)