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I'm discussing the iPad-only option with a friend whose MacBook has expired. His email, browsing, RSS, reading needs are well-covered by the iPad. His photo management/sharing will probably be covered by Web Albums HD for Picasa.



His iPod music exists on his iPod Nano 3G and on Macbook backup drive. I do not know of a way to manage music/playlists on iPad which can be directly sent to iPod. But iTunes Match looks like it might work to sync iPad and iOS iPod.



Backup? Say both iPad and iPod are stolen. Can user restore his content from iTunes Match?

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Well, he doesn't have iTunes Match because he will require a Mac to do the the upload. That's his problem - dead Mac. I'm willing to do the upload for him but cannot take on responsibility for making a standalone iPad replace a Mac.


I've decided to recommend that he be conservative - buy a base level Mac Mini.

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I though you needed to have iTunes on your computer to subscribe to imatch?


See http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4914



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